I want to create a page template who provide a dynamic table, 
in the first step my user can choose his table from a list (the first page 
template) when he validates his choice he can see another page template whith 
his table.
in the second step he can create his own table by selecting the rows and 

I create a script python for yeilding the column name of the original table in 
a list like getColumnName()  =>[('id'),('title'),('address')]
and the data like  getColumnData => [(1,), ('vincent   ',), (1233,), (2,), 
('nicolas   ',), (2222,), 
(3,), ('nani      ',), (3333,), 
(4,), ('roby      ',), (4444,), 
(5,), ('aaaa      ',), (7777,), (6,), 
('bbbb      ',), (8888,), (7,), 
('cccc      ',), (9999,), (8,), 
('dddd      ',), (1414,), (9,), 
('eeeee     ',), (17484,), (10,), 
('eeeee     ',), (17484,), (11,), 
('eeeee     ',), (17484,), (12,)]

now in my the zpt 

         <div tal:define="results context/columnName" tal:repeat="results 
                <span tal:condition="results"></span>
                     <th><input type="checkbox" id="selectedColumn" /></th>
     <tr bgcolor="#ece9d8">
       <th tal:repeat="col_name python:here.getColumnName()"> 
       <span tal:replace="col_name"/>
    <tr align="right" bgcolor="#ffffff" tal:repeat="item batch" >
        <td bgcolor="#ece9d8" length="0.5" ><input type="checkbox" 
here i want to  put  the data 


My question how i can fill my grid table with the data (by using my script 
When the user select the rows and colums how i can obtain the cell choosed for 
create the new table?

thanks for all suggestions


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