Try this way:

Reformat getColumnName() > =>['id','title','address']
Reformat  getColumnData =>[(1, 'vincent   ', 1233), (2,'nicolas   ', 2222),
(3,'nani      ',3333),(4, 'roby      ',4444)]

Test with this:

<tr bgcolor="#ece9d8">
   <th tal:repeat="col_name context/getColumnName">
       <span tal:replace="col_name" />
       <input type="checkbox" id="selectedColumn" />

<tal:loop repeat="line_data context/getColumnData">
       <td tal:repeat="col_data line_data"
           tal:content="col_data" />

José Henrique.

2007/2/5, Graziella Toutoungis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


I want to create a page template who provide a dynamic table,
in the first step my user can choose his table from a list (the first page
template) when he validates his choice he can see another page template
whith his table.
in the second step he can create his own table by selecting the rows and

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