Michal Kurowski skrev:
Nils Fredrik Gjerull [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
This weekend I spent some time learning relax ng compact syntax and
made an extension to the xhtml schema used by nxml mode that
validates tal and metal as well, with some limitations. I am not
confident in how well it works as I have not tested it
much. However, I do wonder if someone else have done some work on
something similar or if there is an interest for such a schema.

I'd like to encourage you to go on with this project. For dtml there
was once a similar thing, but in DTDs ;-) I was looking for a ZPT
schema for nxml too but for no avail. I did not have time to invest
and just abandoned it.
I thing it'd be great for ZPT and all folks interested in Zope to have
a nice nxml integration tools.
The schema I have made is an extension to xhtml and will not work
with other kinds of xml documents. I think it would be possible to
make a schema that validates only tal and metal.

Please make your work available somewhere so we can try it.

I will make my work available at first convenience (this weekend). :)

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