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Ole Tange wrote:
I have just been alerted to Zutils today. From the man page I cannot
see if you use the parallelized versions of the decompressors (pbzip2
and plzip).

Zutils currently only uses the "standard" (single-threaded) decompressors. As I don't like the idea of using only the parallelized versions of the decompressors, (among other things they are less portable and consume more resources), I guess some kind of configuration will be needed to support them. I am open to suggestions about this. ;-)

Also it would be nice if Zutils supported zip and 7z (see the attached
zzcat on how that can be done).

IIRC neither zip nor 7zip support stdin. I see zzcat uses a temporary file, which can create a lot of trouble, ranging from full-disk errors to perhaps non-graceful terminations similar to this[1].
[1] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gzip/2010-02/msg00006.html

It seems to me that supporting zip and 7z would make impossible zutils' goal of decompressing on the fly without temporary files.

Also 7zip is a windows-only program, and it seems there are problems porting zutils to windows because of buggy support for named pipes on Cygwin. I think mixing posix and windows programs is not a good idea.

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