Hello Axel.

Axel Beckert wrote:
Count me in for compress'ed files, i.e. those with .Z suffix,
especially because gzip's zcat is able to do that. -- see my Debian
bug report above.

Compress'ed files are not suitable for zutils. The compress format is not even standardized[1]:


"The format of compressed files is unspecified and interchange of such files between implementations (including access via unspecified file sharing mechanisms) is not required by POSIX.1-2008."

Support for lzma-alone files is being removed from GNU programs. So I do not plan to include it in zutils.

7zr supports stdin and stdout. From the 7zr man page:
Maybe the following is even more useful for zutils:
  /usr/bin/p7zip: a gzip like wrapper around 7zr.

I plan to implement a configuration file to let the user choose what decompressor use for each format (a parallel version of the decompressor, for example). As soon as I find the time to implement it, I'll try to include support for 7z files with 7zr/p7zip.

And from the unzip man page:

       -c     extract  files  to  stdout/screen (``CRT'').

Yes, but unzip does not support stdin. Supporting zip files is incompatible with zutils' goal of decompressing on the fly without temporary files.


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