For now we stay with the SP2 version of zypp packages and will create 
SP3-Branches only as needed.

If you need to branch away from from SuSE-SLE-11-SP2-Branch, create:
  Branch: SuSE-SLE-11-SP3-Branch
  Tag:    BASE-SuSE-SLE-11-SP3-Branch

Create a job for your package below ZYPP-SLE11SP3 (best as copy from 
ZYPP-SLE11SP2). Adapt the config to pull from gits SuSE-SLE-11-SP3-Branch
and to submitt to obs://zypp:SLE-11-SP3-Branch. For now we use the sp2 node 
for building and testing. Once a sp3 node is available the jobs will move.

Packages here are linked to zypp:SLE-11-SP2-Branch unless a SP3 git branch is 
used and jenkins submitts the package here.


This project is linked to obs://zypp:SLE-11-SP3-Branch. 
Here the packages are built and from here they will be submitted.


    Michael Andres

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