JFYI: zypper-1.12.5 provides simple git-like subcommand support. 

(Backported to SLE12/openSUSE13.2 in zypper-1-11-33)

       Zypper subcommands are inspired by git(1). Subcommands are standalone
       executables that live in the zypper_execdir (/usr/lib/zypper/commands).
       For subcommands zypper provides a wrapper that knows where the
       subcommands live, and runs them by passing command options and
       arguments to them. If a subcommand is not found in the zypper_execdir,
       the wrapper will look in the rest of your $PATH for it. Thus, it’s
       possible to write local zypper extensions that don’t live in system

       This is how to add your own subcommand zypper mytask:

       ·   The executable must be named zypper-mytask.

       ·   The executable must be located your $PATH.

       ·   A manpage for zypper-mytask should be provided and explaining the
           commands options and return values. It will be shown when calling
           zypper help mytask.

       ·   Zypper built-in commands take precedence over subcommands with the
           same name.

       ·   It’s fine to call zypper or use libzypp from within your

       You can use the built-in zypper subcommand command to get a list of all
       subcommands in zypper_execdir and from elsewhere on your $PATH.

       Using zypper global-options together with subcommands, as well as
       executing subcommands in zypper shell is currently not supported.


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