> I would like to see more development of our Analyst's Corner and our 
> Editorial Section. We can even make room for longer essays, if they 
> are on topic.
The Analyst's Corner is really phenomenal!  Giving Lilly a taste of 
their own medicine.  There must be more we can nitpick - have people all 
seen  http://zyprexafacts.com ?  That site is so stale though, its been 
days without any new content. They could really use some technology that 
facilitated the quick and easy publication of content....  ;-)

The faq section looks ripe for the picking:

> We are now on the home page of the eff, and our case has its own section:
> http://www.eff.org/legal/cases/zyprexa/
Nice graphic! Can we use that on our site?

> Bloggers are rapidly picking this story up and the mainstream press 
> isn't too far behind.  Everyone from Newsweek to NPR to adbusters to 
> the NY Times will be picking up pieces here, so start preparing your 
> talking points and remember to stay on message (whatever your 
> respective message is).
I'll believe that when they get here. Speaking of which, where is the 
NYTimes?  It's almost like they got some secret gag order or something...

- Rafi
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