Hey there, I am not even sure what I am doing on this list, but you seem quite 
enthusiatic.  Want to say this, why this story? Sure Jim did a good thing.   
Why not get the hunger strike out?  Why do people give up on the truth because 
it seems too hard to get out? 
  Mickey did a good thing, he got it together and he brought it home.  It was 
someones responsibility to make sure the world admitted the truth, none of this 
is anything without that.  Guess you all will get upset for me saying that, but 
it is the truth.  
  Once we make them admit the hunger strike is valid evidence that they do not 
have any reliable and valid evidence, publicly, then we don't have to fight all 
of this, they have no medical evidence and we can defeat NAMI.  
  If there is ever going to be hope in any of this being in any way voluntary 
and not out of coercion and force we have to make them get down on their knees. 
 That is the truth and that is what I keep fighting for and that is why I do 
what I do.  
  I know it has been three years, three years too long and this is the year 
that someone needs to get them to bow down and then that will make all of our 
dreams come true. It will put an end to what they are doing. I'm going to bust 
them, cause I have to and the consequences be what they may one way, somehow.  
That is almost a promise.  Janie

  That this story would be picked up again by the NYTimes!

Documents Bourne by Winds of Free Speech


"There is also a traditionally high bar set for placing prior restraint on the 
press — which, whether Judge Weinstein recognizes it or not, very much includes 
a colony of citizen journalists feeding a wiki."

Slavery by means of coercion and force are wrong, it hurts our society and 
keeps slavery going.  Do you want to help fight poverty, abuse in all forms, 
corruption, and drugs?  Just ask me what "we" can do- 
  People Helping People, Together We Can,    
    People of Courage,  Janie Lee, M.Ed.
  http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/IES- Matters/
    http://home. earthlink. net/~people- of-courage/

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