thought you might all be interested to know that my website, is temporarily unavailable because of a 
data transfer limit.  
  How does this have to do with the Zyprexa controversy?  Well, I am a 
self-described psychiatric survivor and have been regularly checking this 
conversation as well as am in communication with some well-known psych. 
survivors.  AND...I have, in over 3 years, only had 800 or so visitors to my 
site.  So the fact that someone(s) somewhere are checking into every file on my 
website enough to cause a data transfer overload certainly concerns me.  What 
concerns me even more is any info. anyone (eli lilly rocks) has gotten, 
including my website address, could not have been garnered without a personal 
inspection into my email or web activity (which I only have website access at 
work) and which, according to stupid Republican rules, is only warranted in 
cases of terrorism (although my understanding is that the federal law is pretty 
broad).  The only things I have been doing are checking the acm.jhu 
conversation, the site and have exchanged a few personal emails 
 leaders from the psych. survivor movement, with none pertaining to 
dissemination of Lilly files, other than one email in which I cautioned 
individuals not to publicly endorse such dissemination in an open letter to 
  Eli Lilly may think this campaign is not large enough or the secrets haven't 
been spilled to enough people, but, I'm sorry, did they miss the fact that this 
was published in The NY Times ???  Try to fight that monster.  People may not 
have the files, but they certainly have access to the biggest newspaper in the 
country who broke open the story.
  so, just a little fyi.  beware your personal email accounts and web 
  can anyone send me some info. regarding the recent federal laws regarding who 
can access private Internet correspondence and web activity info. and when.
  in solidarity,
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