Eggplant Oriented Psychiatric Treatment by Alison Hymes
The president of the APA now claims to be "recovery" oriented as does NAMI, 
the CSB psychiatrist on behalf of Western State hospital and the UVA 
psychiatric nurse administrator and I know each of them is as recovery 
oriented as Bush is oriented towards cleaning our air and water. Yet another 
concept stolen as Sylvia Caras points out so I revert to eggplant oriented 
treatment trusting the powers that want to be over us won't steal it as a 

Now some people are going to prefer avocado oriented treatment instead, and 
I think that's fine, because I am all about choice for all of us who have so 
far survived the degradations of the MH system. And a few may prefer 
licorice stick oriented treatment, and again I support them in their choice 
although it is not mine.

What will eggplant oriented treatment look like? Choice above all. Choice 
not to engage in treatment at all, choice to engage in some aspects and not 
others and to drop out at any point of our own choosing without 
repercussions of any kind, choice of what we want and think works for us 
rather than what is convenient, comfortable and/or profitable for providers 
to offer.

Freedom. Respect. Dignity. Truth telling. Truly informed consent. And end to 
the paradigm that says madness is worse than ruined health and poverty and 
death. Ability to accept difference, that we may not respect authority 
particularly and that that is not a pathology but instead a characteristic 
to be left alone and respected.

An end to slander and generalizations and any phrase that starts out "all 
people with mental illness" or "jails are mental institutions".

And end to fake consumers who are really NAMI parents and siblings in 
disguise posing to take our places at decision making tables.

A demand for customer service and respect from providers or we leave.

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The ZyprexaKills wiki has issued a call for editorial submissions:

We are requesting submissions for editorials and op-eds about this issue 
(500-750 words, maximum). Please send all submissions to zyprexa-discuss at, or create a new page in this wiki, and link to it from this 
one. Ideas for possible op-ed topics include:

   The importance of the "prior restraint" doctrine in the First Amendment
   The effects of omniscient surveillance on whistleblowing
   The growing threat of soft censorship, and the incongruity between 
outrage at overt oppressive censorship and the complacency for the form it 
takes in a modern liberal democracy.
   The relationship between anonymity and freedom of speech
   Critiques of the psychiatric medical model of mental illness
   A call for pharmaceutical companies to pledge the equivalent of the 
Hippocratic oath, so they are answerable to something other than the bottom 
   Advocating for a pro-choice position towards psychopharmaceuticals, not 
the paternalistic, Big Daddy Pharma (and Mama Lilly) knows best
   The dangers of sales people hawking dangerous, psychiatric medication to 
general internists, even if its on-label
   The slippery slope of zyprexa prescriptions and usage
   The rationale behind FDA regulations and reviews of pharmaceutical 
marketing strategies.
   The dangers of off-label marketing of drugs
   Corporate responsibility and culpable negligence
   The abuse of Medicare by predatory pricing practices
This story is about to get really big, and we have a rare opportunity to 
present these issues to a very wide audience. Many people on this list may 
have existing material that they may wish to re-purpose for this occasion.

Please circulate this message widely.

- Fletch Lives

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