Are these real things?  Are they the symptoms of life and living or are they 
the symptoms of a disease?  Do you believe that you may have a brain disease if 
you ever have feelings?  or feelings like these?  There is no medical evidence 
for it, only made up half truths so why do we believe them? This is propaganda!
  Increase in energy 

Heightened mood (excessive happiness, perkiness, humor)

High degree of optimism and self-confidence 

Excessive irritability and aggressive behavior 

Decreased need for sleep without experiencing fatigue 

Grandiose delusions, inflated sense of self-importance

Racing speech and thoughts

Impulsive behavior

Lowered inhibitions (yep, just like when a mentally healthy person is drunk)

Poor judgment


Poor concentration (which greatly effects cognitive abilities)

Reckless and/or inappropriate behavior 

Delusions and hallucinations (Thinking, seeing, and hearing things that don't 
exist or are not true. This is also known as psychosis)

Nervousness, anxiety, or panic


Please note that these symptoms can occur singly or in any combination. 

Inexplicable sadness or crying spells 

Changes in appetite (Either lack of or excess of which is linked to sudden 
weight loss or weight gain)

Disturbed sleep patterns (Either too little or no sleep known as Insomnia. Or 
too much sleep known as Hypersomnia)

Irritability and anger

Excessive worry

Nervousess, agitation, and anxiety 

Pessimism, indifference, and apathy 

Loss of energy, persistent lethargy (Usually accompanied by inexplicable and 
unrelenting fatigue) 

Feelings of guilt and worthlessness (over just about everything)

Lack of concentration and indecisiveness 

Inability to enjoy former interests and hobbies

Social withdrawal 

Unexplained aches and pains (and I believe "excessive illness" should be added 
here. It seems like I catch colds and infections like crazy and recover very 

Recurring thoughts of death or suicide (be worried when suicidal ideations or 
plans are present, this is a very dangerous time)
    You can go here if you want to see how they lie!
  Where is everybody at today?  Am I the only one that doesn't know?  Janie

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Janie Lee, M.Ed.

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