What this country did to the natives is another chapter in U.S.  history of 
major "National Disgraces".  People came to this land  to escape religious 
persecution, only to persecute others that were already  living here with their 
own religious beliefs and ways  of life.  The United States' redundant and 
mottos of  "freedom of religion, democracy for all and all men being created 
equal"  illustrates the horrendous hypocrisy in the face of the blatant  
Genocide committed of natives who lived here for perhaps  hundreds of years or 
before the "European invasion". 
When you realize that this entire country is "built on lies", then the  
shocking acts that corporations commit everyday, like Eli Lilly just seem  like 
'business as usual'.  Why?  Because it simply  is!  Exploitation and corruption 
has been mankind's game for  centuries, if not for millenia, and it will be his 
-Camille S.
(my diatribe for the day!) 
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