click on this link and then pass it around and Listen people to a story  of a 10 year old girl living in a 
big city asking her momma outside of a methadone clinic, hey momma who are them 
people coming out of that building, and why do them people all sit so 
crosslegged on that school lawn, and her momma says, them people are the drug 
people and the protesters they are crazy and mad leave them alone, and she says 
to her momma, them are just people they ain't done nothing to me, and then she 
grows up and begs for them to leave the little children alone and not destroy 
them and turn them into the drug people too, and no one ever listens to her! 
      Produced by a Psychogerontologist=the branch of science that deals with 
some unidentified branch of advocacy or philosophical knowledge throughout the 
aging process 
Janie Lee, M.Ed.

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