Roland Winkler <> writes:

> On Sat, Nov 21 2015, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>> I might add to this a clearer API for the "noticing" functionality of
>> BBDB -- ie, make it easier to write the hooks for "doing things to
>> BBDB records when you receive mails from/compose mails to those
>> records.
> I didn't see your posting on the bbdb mailing list.  But I am replying
> only to this list because it appears to me that you are talking about
> something internal to bbdb and not related to other packages.

That's odd, I sent it to both, and set the followups-to header to this
list, for the same reason you mentioned.

> What do you have in mind?  What is your (intended) usage scenario that
> you are struggling with?  I myself hardly use the noticing feature.  So
> I do not know what might be missing /  what can be improved.

Noticing records seems to be the main point of interaction between BBDB
and the MUA. I've used it to add links to recent messages to a BBDB
record field, and I'm also working on a feature to add Org-mode tags to
BBDB records.

It's hard to know whether the API should be improved, or just the
documentation. The docs for `bbdb-notice-record-hook' are fairly clear,
but I've found `bbdb-auto-notes-rules' pretty hard to understand. The
two things seem almost redundant together -- by the time you've figured
out how to use the auto notes rules, you might as well just write a hook
and set the fields manually.

I'd be curious to know how many people have actually made use of either
the hook or the rules.


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