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Please join us for the next Monday Night Seminar, on June 5th.at the
Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  As always, the seminars are held in the
auditorium at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and are free and open to the
public. The doors open at 7:00pm, talk begins at 7:30.

For those who are further afield, we will be streaming this seminar live.
Bookmark http://dl.allaboutbirds.org/cornelllab-monday-night-seminars for
quick access on Monday evening.
Birds Through the Lens: Using video technology to reveal the lives of birds

*Speaker: **Ann Prum, Founder, Producer and Cinematographer, Coneflower

As the Founder, Producer & Cinematographer of Coneflower Studios, Ann
Johnson Prum has spent the last two decades creating nonfiction programs
using a combination of beautiful imagery, fascinating science and great
storytelling. Garnering 10 Emmy nominations and an Emmy win for Best Nature
Documentary (An Original Duckumentary), Coneflower Productions pushes the
use of new technology, science and creative storytelling to bring the world
of wildlife to viewers. Hear from Ann about life in the field and
production studio and learn what it takes to create ground-breaking

Marc Devokaitis

Public Information Specialist

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