[Moderator's Note: I point out that this version of this code actually
does fit on a T-shirt, unlike other versions that only partially
fit. As for possible controversy: I take the position that the first
amendment continues to be in force in the U.S. and that this is a
scholarly discussion list. --Perry]

I call this program `efdtt'.  It may or may not decrypt certain MPEG
system streams which may or may not be found on certain types of media
which may or may not be available for purchase in numerous stores that
may or may not have sold antiquated tape-based media in the past.

Usage is:

  cat key input.vob | efdtt >output.vob

Shar and enjoy.  If you redistribute this, please credit me somewhere.
If you're interested in making T-shirts, please contact me.  B-)

#include <unistd.h>
#define K(i) (k[i]^s[i+84])
u_int r(u_int);int main(){u_char*x="\331\231\321\0I\tA\220&\6\202\0$\4\200\2",y
=0,z,t[256],k[5],s[2048];do z=x[y&7]^x[y>>4|8]^(y/8&17)*11&161,t[y]=z^(z&z*2&34
)*6;while(++y);read(0,k,5);while(read(0,s,2048)){if(s[20]&48){u_int a=r(K(1)<<9

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