2007/7/3, Cameron Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On 02Jul2007 22:32, Dominik Vogt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| > The "Visible" condition works perfectly if xcompmgr is not running
| > though. I do not know if it is FVWM or xcompmgr that is at fault.
| I can only guess that xcompmgr suppresses VisibilityNotify events
| for windows.

I expect the behind windows are Visible because they are needed for
transparency - alpha compositing will require the window to maintain its
entire surface as though it were on top.

I was thinking about the same thing, however server-side compositing
does not support window transparency at all (xcompmgr -a). Also the
server-side compositing does not mess with window events - it just
enables automatic compositing.

But then again, why would Overlapped condition work flawlessly with
xcompmgr running ?

Michał Kazior.

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