Hi geeqie devs and users,

I am on Debian with Geeqie 1.3 and am only getting the broken image icon
when trying to display png files. Starting geeqie with the --debug
option gives me the following messages:

new image loader 0x1c086c0, bufsize=4096 idle_loop=1
exif read test.png, sidecar: -
Thread pool num threads: 1
Register realtime 0 test.png
    5.538868 (+00000.138959) read ahead cancelled for :null
read ahead set to :test2.jpg
    5.538937 (+00000.000069) image load completed "test.png" (current)
    5.542513 (+00000.003576) image error
    5.542544 (+00000.000031) image done
    5.543179 (+00000.000635) pixbuf renderer updated - started drawing 
0x1ac0140, img: 48x48
    5.543226 (+00000.000047) pixbuf renderer updated - started drawing 
0x1ac0140, img: 48x48
    5.543647 (+00000.000421) pixbuf renderer updated - started drawing 
0x1ac0140, img: 48x48
    5.544119 (+00000.000472) read ahead started for :test2.jpg
new image loader 0x1c087e0, bufsize=4096 idle_loop=1
exif read test2.jpg, sidecar: -
Thread pool num threads: 1
Using custom jpeg loader
Unrecognized image file format
freeing image loader 0x1c086c0 bytes_read=0
    5.690860 (+00000.146741) read ahead done for :test2.jpg
    5.690936 (+00000.000076) image load completed "test2.jpg" (preload)
freeing image loader 0x1c087e0 bytes_read=133966
    5.752338 (+00000.061402) pixbuf renderer done 0x1ac0140
collection manager flushing
collection manager is up to date
Unregister realtime 1 test.png
    7.451847 (+00001.699509) image reset
    7.451872 (+00000.000025) read ahead cancelled for :test2.jpg
Unregister realtime 1

I have libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 installed from Debian's package (Version 2.36.0-1).

Strangely I had the problem already when I was still using gqview a few days 
Gqview would not load png nor jpg. This motivated me to switch to geeqie but it 
that the problem is existing with regard to both programs.

How could I further debug this? Does anyone have an idea what else I could try?

Thank you!

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