I have found the "geeqie --remote file:/tmp/my-next-image.jpeg" feature to be 
particularly useful.  I often find myself wanting to do the inverse: to ask 
geeqie "what file are you viewing right now?"

Here is my proposal:

diff --git a/src/remote.c b/src/remote.c
index c89eff9..59c6a84 100644
--- a/src/remote.c
+++ b/src/remote.c
@@ -522,6 +522,13 @@ static void gr_file_load(const gchar *text, GIOChannel 
*channel, gpointer data)
+static void gr_file_tell(const gchar *text, GIOChannel *channel, gpointer data)
+       LayoutWindow *lw = NULL; /* NULL to force layout_valid() to do some 
magic */
+       if (!layout_valid(&lw)) return;
+       printf("%s\n", image_get_path(lw->image));
 static void gr_config_load(const gchar *text, GIOChannel *channel, gpointer 
        gchar *filename = expand_tilde(text);
@@ -666,6 +673,7 @@ static RemoteCommandEntry remote_commands[] = {
        { NULL, "--get-sidecars:",      gr_get_sidecars,        TRUE,  FALSE, 
N_("<FILE>"), N_("get list of sidecars of FILE") },
        { NULL, "--get-destination:",   gr_get_destination,     TRUE,  FALSE, 
N_("<FILE>"), N_("get destination path of FILE") },
        { NULL, "file:",                gr_file_load,           TRUE,  FALSE, 
N_("<FILE>"), N_("open FILE") },
+       { NULL, "--tell",               gr_file_tell,           FALSE, FALSE, 
NULL, N_("print filename of current image") },
        { NULL, "view:",                gr_file_view,           TRUE,  FALSE, 
N_("<FILE>"), N_("open FILE in new window") },
        { NULL, "--list-clear",         gr_list_clear,          FALSE, FALSE, 
NULL, N_("clear command line collection list") },
        { NULL, "--list-add:",          gr_list_add,            TRUE,  FALSE, 
N_("<FILE>"), N_("add FILE to command line collection list") },


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