It is at least hypothetically possible to port Geeqie to C++11 / GtkMM.

Ignoring the inevitable ridiculous mountain of work that it would take, 
does the end state seem like a good idea?

Personally, I only knew C89 and small quantities of C++98 until I 
started using C++11 for work earlier this year.  One of the things I've 
come to appreciate about it is that std::unique_ptr and std::move make 
memory _ownership_ explicit, which basically makes memory leaks, 
double-frees, and other pointer maladies a non-issue.  You still have 
bare pointers when you need them, but you only have to use them when 
really needed.

The other thing that seems useful is that between C++ and GtkMM, you get 
real namespaces and an actual honest-to-goodness GTK class hierarchy. 
And templates mean GList* turns into GList<FileData>*, so you can know 
what's inside of it just by glancing at the header file, without having 
to dig through the code.  And then if you try to put the wrong thing 
into it, it's a compile-time error instead of a segfault.


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