Howdy Guilers,

(sorry if you've seen this already, the mail server seems to be
refusing to talk to me)

The current (and previous) Guile reference manual mentions Anthony
Greens libffi in the "contrib archive".  See the last paragraph at

This archive used to be at, and doesn't seem exist
anymore, at least not that I could find.  I did find a mirror at
However, the code has bitrotted somewhat (it's from 1997!).

If the manual mentions this code, it really ought to be more easily accessible.

At is a patch that
brings the .c file up to Guile 1.8.0 (with ./configure
--disable-deprecated --disable-discouraged no less).  I'm not sure if
any papers need to be signed for this, no new code was added, just
basically mechanical transformations of gh_* to scm_* equivalents and
using the snarfer instead of initializing things by hand.

-Dale  (dsmith)

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