Dear sir,

I am using  AODV protocol (nist aodvv 2.2.2-i386 or kernel aodv 2.2.2) on linux 
Fedora core 7 with kernel 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7. This protocol was compiled already 
for linux kernel 2.4 Now the same I need to use it on kernel 2.6 (FC7). But I 
got some difficluties as below.The main is FATAL: Module kernel_aodv not found. 
In source code of above protocol I have Kernel_aodv.o 

[r...@localhost routing]# uname -r 


[r...@localhost routing]# sh 

SIOCDELRT: No such process 

Setting the MANET to nistdemo... 

Starting the AODV IPv4... . 

[r...@localhost routing]# sh 

Loading AODV Gateway version 2.2... 

Gateway Interface: eth0 

AODV Interface: ath0 

Enabling IP forwarding 

Zero MIN_DELAY for routing table changes 

Flushing iptables and setting forwarding on ath0 interface 

Enabling Masquerading on eth0 

Setting the MANET to nistaodv4... 

Starting the AODV IPv4... 

FATAL: Module kernel_aodv not found. 

[r...@localhost routing]# 

I humbly request you to help and guide me

N N Mhala

Research student

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