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[From the bottom of your mail]
> If anyone can point me to the "kbuild" way of doing things, it would be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The kbuild philosofy is that you specify all .o files.
Considering the many many hours invested writing a single .c file,
then the effort it is to add it to the kbuild file is minimal.

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:38:30AM -0500, Chris Horlick wrote:
> Im having an issue getting my build system set up the way id like and im
> hoping someone here can point me in a new direction or perhaps offer some
> advice.
> If i manually add each .o file i want built to the makefile the lkm will
> build with no issues, essentially this works:
> OBJS = main.o
> #OBJS += wm_algo_common.o
> #OBJS += wm_algomgr_ops.o
> #OBJS += wm_algomgr_static.o
> #OBJS += wm_algo_tcp1.o
> #OBJS += wm_algo_tcp2.o
> #OBJS += wm_algo_udp.o
> #OBJS += wm_arp_reg_method.o
> #OBJS += wmc_algomgr.o
> #OBJS += wmc_core.o
> #OBJS += wmc_core_function.o
> #OBJS += wmc_debug.o
> #OBJS += wmc_linked_list.o
> #OBJS += wm_core_info.o
> #OBJS += wm_core_ops.o
> #OBJS += wmc_packet_common.o
> #OBJS += wmc_regmgr.o wm_driver.o
> #OBJS += wm_hashtable.o
> #OBJS += wm_network_common.o
> #OBJS += wm_regmgr_ops.o
> #OBJS += wm_regmgr_static.o
> Granted these are commented out but they will build a loadable lkm if i
> un-comment the obj lines. What i would really like is just to be able to
> drop new sources into my build directory and have the makefile pick them up
> and build them auto-magically, something like this:
> OBJS = $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(wildcard $(PWD)/*.c))

What you fail to realise is that current directory is the root
of the kernel source when you build your module.

Try something like this:

OBJS := $(patsubst %.c, %.o,$(notdir $(wildcard $(src)/*.c)))

$(wildcard $(src)/*.c) will find all .c files in the directory where you module 
$(notdir ...) remove the path component.

Try to look at the resulting OBJS like this:

$(warning OBJS=$(OBJS))

Note - I used ":=" above. I always avoid using "=" unless strictly required.


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