On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 04:14:26AM +0530, Parav Pandit wrote:
> Yes. I read through. I can see two changes to be made in V2 version of
> this patch.
> 1. rdma.resource.verb.usage and rdma.resource.verb.limit to change
> respectively to,
> 2. rdma.resource.verb.stat and rdma.resource.verb.max.
> 3. rdma.resource.verb.failcnt indicate failure events, which I think
> should go to events.

What's up with the ".resource" part?  Also can't the .max file list
the available resources?  Why does it need a separtae list file?

> I roll out new patch for events post this patch as additional feature
> and remove this feature in V2.
> rdma.resource.verb.list file is unique to rdma cgroup, so I believe
> this is fine.

Please see above.

> We will conclude whether to have rdma.resource.hw.<files> or not in
> other patches.
> I am in opinion to keep "resource" and "verb" or "hw" tags around to
> keep it verbose enough to know what are we trying to control.

What does that achieve?  I feel that it's getting overengineered


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