On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 05:22:40AM +0530, Parav Pandit wrote:
> I can remove "resource" key word. If just that if something other than
> resource comes up to limit to in future, it will be hard to define at
> that time.

Please remove.  The word doesn't mean anything in this context.

> > Also can't the .max file list
> > the available resources?  Why does it need a separtae list file?
> >
> max file does lists them only after limits are configured for that
> device. Thats when rpool (array of max and usage counts) is allocated.
> If user wants to know what all knobs are available, than list file
> exposes them on per device basis without actually mentioning actual
> limit or without allocating rpool arrays.
> list file looks like below for two device entries.
> mlx4_0 ah qp mr pd srq flow
> ocrdma0 ah qp mr pd
> max file looks like below.
> mlx4_0 ah=100 qp=40 mr=10 pd=90 srq=10 flow=10

Just always show the settings for all devices in the max file like the

  mlx4_0 ah=max qp=max mr=max pd=max srq=max flow=max
  ocrdma0 ah=max qp=max mr=max pd=max


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