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On 5/13/17 6:44 PM, Carl G. Estabrook via Marxism wrote:

There were indications this week (in addition to to the firing of
Comey) that that was happening, viz.,

Russia -

I got a chuckle out of this from the article linked above:

Therefore, Trump has retrieved his road map from the attic. The presence of Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office for an unscheduled meeting with Trump just before Lavrov walked in – accompanied by the famous “Russian spy” Ambassador Sergey Kislayk – has been a deliberate ‘curtain raiser’. Kissinger has longstanding personal equations with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and of course the grey cardinal of US diplomacy had engineered the era of détente with the Soviet Union.


So fascinating how people like Carl, Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Hudson, Mike Whitney, Diana Johnstone and Boris Kagarlitsky can get so enthused over Trump and Putin becoming our age's Nixon and Mao. Kissinger was key to the first rapprochement and seems to be key to the new one.

Under ordinary circumstances, people on the left understand that where Kissinger goes, Satan follows close behind. But when you decide to automatically put a plus where Nicholas Kristof puts a minus, the results stagger the imagination.
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