We have used Cocoon for 2 years and sadly it has evolved into a 234 armed 
Last night I was again trying to "fix" another Cocoon2 issue, and in 
desperation I started googleing for another "java xml xslt framework" than 

After a some time I ended up with Maverick.java

We are running a live website using Cocoon2/eXist xmldb/xslt/jBoss and if 
possible move slowly towards Maverick, implementing the Maverick servlet 
alongside the cocoon servlet.

I have read the manual looked at the examples downloaded the source and is 
very impressed of the simplicity of this implementation. 

1. we have a ton of xml docs located in the eXist db. They are all transformed 
using xslt and serialized as html. I can do all this using xslt in Mav. 
without any problem but how do I serve all these html pages just using one 
<command> (is this right).

1a. can i use wildcard/regex in the <command name="product_*"> ?

3. what html form template/validation system is the defacto standard with Mav. 

4. does it require 2 Mav. servlets to serve /product/xx.html and 

5. can is split the maverick.xml file into more files so it would be easier to 
manage. (some of our cocoon.xml files are +1500 lines) 

Thanks in advance.

Med venlig hilsen / Yours sincerely 
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