Eelco Hillenius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It sound nice. I use Velocity mostly, and am still very content with it.
> But, Velocity would not be useful for you as it does not provide you with
> valid XML source files. Just wondering... what kind of stuff are you doing
> with these XML input files?

at this point, not much.

I am a very big fan of XSLT.  at the same time, a certain amount of
my daily routine is taken up with the care and feeding of a large web
application that makes very heavy use of XSLT, and IMO it's a mess.
very hard to understand, and the performance is terrible.  profiling
has revealed that the XSLT is the main source of the poor

but I continue to like the idea of offline XSLT, and perhaps a
reasonable amount of online XSLT.  I figured that we could write
pages as "vanilla" XHTML (that is, basic structure only, no headers,
footers, etc.) augmented with a few dynamic tags, and run these
through a deploy/preprocess stage to get a series of "intermediate"
pages.  These pages would then be used at runtime in the manner I
described previously.

A more ambitious preprocessing could be used to generate more
realistic mockups.  All the dynamic elements could be replaced with
static (mock) content, perhaps according to a config file of some

As it turned out, none of this has happened.  The project that
started all this was on a very tight schedule, and the pages for this
stage were simple enough that the source pages contain all requisite
style stuff, and no preprocessing is used.



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