Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
Hello Charles,

It's good to hear thinks are moving along
with OSER.
Thank you. It has been a few years in the making. I am glad
things are moving with the OpenConnector project. A second alpha release with an installer and everything. Congrats!

What does OSER use for a groupware server?
I presume you mean a calendar server?

My goal is target CalDAV as the calendaring
protocol.  So if your server implements
CalDAV the connector should work.

OK. I figured as much. I am using for a web interface to notes/mail/calendar/bookmarks etc. I also am using for SyncML support. Both of these have there own Outlook plug-in (open source). I have not really figured out what to do for Cal/Group dav support yet. Since I am running Sync4j which uses Tomcat already I am thinking about using Slide. What is the OpenConnector team using for a server?

Best Regards,

Charles Wyble wrote:

I think that most of you know me already. My name is Charles Wyble and I am the founder and project manager of the Open Source Exchange Replacement Platform ( The goal of the OSER Platform is to provide a fully open source drop in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. I would like to propose that the OSER Platform become the reference implementation that OpenConnector is tested against. I think it qualifies as "other open source groupware server" :) I am releasing Beta 1 of the OSER Platform tomorrow. I would greatly appreciate if the OpenConnector developers would download and install the software and evaluate its suitability for testing OpenConnector against. The release should be out about 10:00 PM PST Saturday. I also plan to develop a way to automatically deploy/configure the connector to OSER platform users once the connector reaches beta. Using Samba TNG and a registry key / group policy/ profile. Most likely some combination there of. I want users to be able to login and have Outlook automatically configure itself using the connector.

Anyway thank you all very much for your time. Please let me know if you have any questions about the platform.


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