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Jarvis Stubblefield wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am working with a company that is willing to give Linux a shot on their server.
They are a small company at this time. All they are requesting is the following: Email Server, File Server, Calendar Server (to work with Outlook), Web Server, and possibly some other small items.

Email Server = SendMail
May I recommend postfix? It is far easier to configure and has a much more stellar record for security. Also I presume you are going to use clamav and spam assassian right?
File Server = Samba
Ah good choice.
Web Server = Apache
Calendar Server = Outlook Connector?

My question is: Is Outlook Connector the solution I need to be able to have Outlook access a calendar on my linux server?
Outlook connector is a client side plug in for Outlook. It needs something on the server to talk to,. May I recommend cosmo (http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Journal/CosmoTempHome). It is an implementation of CalDav which is an open standard for

If you need any more information please let me know.

The proposed OS is: Fedora Core 5 (I am familiar with it) I know it isnt a "server" OS, but with the proven successfulness of linux I will be upgrading to the latest version of RedHat Server. I actually have 3 server boxes, and will be setting up two of them exactly the same so I can have a 'test network' and the 'real thing'.
Good idea on a separate development and production environment. You might want to setup a staging server as well. FC is fine for servers btw. Many people use it. Really the only reason to run RedHat Enterprise Linux is if you need Oracle. I am a debian man myself. I am actually developing a full server distro based on debian. It is a full on replacement for exchange.
http://www.thewybles.com/~charles/oser is the website of the project.

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