Hello Group,


This weekend came off of a week of small CalDAV
and transport provider fixes to get them working
again after a weeks of concentrating on other

I have added a ChangeLog.txt file to the source
tree.  This will store the detail changes in
Subversion repository for the period.

More work has been done on the internal event
system.  The event system is used to let the
transport provider to communicate with the message
store provider, in a manner that can be extended
to work easily across process boundries.  To avoid
blocking, the 'event thread' simply accepts events
when they are received and processes them on the
WM_TIMER event.  In the future, the WM_TIMER code
may itself spawn worker threads.  The event model
has been lightly tested but is currently blocked
by the following issue...

The Oracle CalDAV testing server that we use for
testing seems to be acting up.  It is becoming
clear that a local CalDAV server is necessary for
testing.  I have downloaded and now experimenting
with Cosmo CalDAV Server.

This Week

The next few days will center around experimenting
with Cosmo.  Getting it to work right and using
the CalDAV interface fluently.  I estimate this
taking the rest of this week.  Once that is done,
then the event model can be completed, debugged and

ChangeLog Entries

2006-03-27  kervin

        * ChangeLog.txt: Adding a changelog file for tracking changes.

2006-03-26  kervin

        * mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.h,
          mstore/O_IXPProvider.cpp, protocols/caldav/caldav.cpp: Small
          test fixes to get CalDAV to logon again.
        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp, mstore/O_IProp.cpp,
          mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.h,
          mstore/O_IXPProvider.cpp, otlkcon_event.cpp, otlkcon_guid.h: I
          forgot to commit yesterday's changes. Merging and resolving
          small conflict. Temporary EntryIDs added to XPLogonAccount
          objects. Small fixes to help event system. Accepted events are
          now placed in a queue and processed on WM_TIMER. None of this
          has been tested. Will continue with processing next.

2006-03-26  doublebug

        * mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.h,
          mstore/O_IXPProvider.cpp: Crash while creating
          O_IXPLogonAccountCalDAV fixed.
          Made simple O_EntryID creation.
          Added releasing IMAPISupport code.
          Added releasing created XPLogon object if error occured.

2006-03-20  kervin

        * mstore/O_IProp.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.h,
          mstore/mstore.cpp, otlkcon_config.h, otlkcon_event.cpp,
          otlkcon_event.h, resource.h: Continued with events. Added
          tested timer code, removed objectId code and replaced with

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