Hello Group,


Completed Cosmo testing server setup, and
resumed Oracle testing as well.

Work on the message passing between message
store provider and the transport provider
continued.  Completing and testing this code
may take about another week.

This Week

Need to complete and test the inter-provider
message passing protocol.  If that is done
by the end of the week, then the
IMessage/ICal conversion code is next.

ChangeLog Entries

2006-04-02  kervin

        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp, mstore/O_IMsgStore.h,
          mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/mstore.cpp, mstore/mstore.h,
          otlkcon_config.h, otlkcon_event.h, otlkcon_gui.cpp,
          otlkcon_gui.h: More work processing events. Introducing
          CONFIG_CHANGE notification. Still incomplete, should allow
          objects to reload config changes on demand.

2006-03-30  kervin

        * ChangeLog.txt, mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.h,
          otlkcon.sln, otlkcon_config.h, otlkcon_event.cpp,
          otlkcon_gui.cpp, protocols/file, protocols/file/file.cpp,
          protocols/file/file.h, protocols/file/file.vcproj,
          protocols/file/stdafx.cpp, protocols/file/stdafx.h: New file
          backend; Events work. The new file backend for the transport
          provider allows us debug the transport provider without a
          network connection. It basically exposes the 'connection' API
          on an XML file. Still in its early phases and untested.
          Successfully set an event to the message store object. Need to
          write processing and return code next.

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