Hello Group,


Work on the internal message passing API and the
also the calendar synchronization code continues.
The message passing is now fully asynchronous as
messages are processed on their own threads.  The
synchronization API continues to mature with
testing.  We are down to the last untested message
handler function ( although the entire sequence
requires more rigorous testing in general ).

We have missed the April 15th date for the first
public beta release.  This was unavoidable as the
synchronization code is taking a bit longer that
anticipated; although testing is progressing.  The
new beta release of May 1st should be a safe one
to meet.

This Week

This will be about the 3rd week on the internal
message passing / synchronization API.  The functions
are winding down, but may take the rest of the week
to complete even with no surprises.

The complete of the synchronization API should mark
the first beta release.

ChangeLog Entries

2006-04-19  kervin

        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp,
          mstore/O_IXPLogon.h, otlkcon_calendar_component.h,
          otlkcon_event.cpp, protocols/caldav/caldav.cpp: Continued
          testing and debugging internal synchronization API. Getting a
          bit further in the process now as memory errors are being worked
          out. Will continue with debugging the last of the internal
          message handlers next.

2006-04-18  kervin

        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp,
          otlkcon_event.cpp: Debugging sync layer. Separated event
          processing to separate threads. This'll slow things down put is
          needed to allow sendMessage() to work.

2006-04-14  kervin

        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp, mstore/O_IXPLogon.cpp,
          mstore/O_IXPProvider.cpp, mstore/O_IXPProvider.h: Debugging
          connection failure. Transport provider will now look at all
          stored accounts.

2006-04-13  kervin

        * mstore/O_IMSProvider.cpp, mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp,
          mstore/mstore.cpp, mstore/mstore.h: Testing
          O_IMsgStore::LoadForeignAppointmentFolders() function. The
          testing is incomplete, need to continue with this function.
        * mstore/O_IMsgStore.cpp: Continued work on
          O_IMsgStore::LoadForeignAppointmentFolders() function. This
          function is responsible for checking the account information,
          loading the respective folders for those accounts into memory,
          and creating the appointment calendars if they do not exist,
          including the default appointment calendar. Near completion but
          needs testing. Do that next

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