Hello everyone,

My name is Tomas Hak and i'm project manager for devel team of some
small groupware product. We have mail server with web GUI for clients
only (this include mail, contact, calendar, documents). As it turns
out we will need some outlook connector, obviously me is the man who
shall to do it. We have a lot of customers which have outlook and they
don't want move into our web client for any reasons.
Our server (shortly)have  pop3/imap, ldap, webdav (not caldav) and
also we can import/export any in iCal. And we have (prepare) SDK for
groupware data access for free use.

Because i need to connect with Outlook i want to cooperate with you. I
don't have idea how i do it and how MAPI works(i'm lama in MAPI now:)

I don't try open connector with any server yet. (Which one do you
recommend me for testing?) But i try to install a release ver. of
connector into outlook 2002. I don't understand config dialog to much,
i just write database file: C:\aaa.pst and why i need "enable service
provider" i don't know. in accounts a fill Calldav account into my
webdav space (but during my testing noting change on this place)

Let me strike some about "Open Connector" project.
-Plugin provide synchronization of "Mail" and "Calendars" data only
(not contacts).
   mail by IMAP, but where i configure it?
   calendar by CalDAV (it is a Internet-Draft only now)
-Plugin create separate data store (new data file ... what type?)
-what exactly do: (differences or something)
   MAPI Message Store Provider
   MAPI Transport Provider
(together we say "MAPI service"?)
And my question is:
if i want use your product with my server, what is better?
1) join to your project as a tester caldav and in this time implement
myself caldav server on my side
or 2) i may join as a developer and write some part where open
conector comunicate with otder side and there i can use our server SDK
(i imagine it like next option in accounts tab in properties of
OpenConector MAPI service)
or 3) otherwise
....  however i have some time to take thought, implement it ... about
three month every day.

thx for answer ... Tomas

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