Hello Tomáš,

Tomáš Hák wrote:
I also ask for some CVS repository, i know you have subversion, thats
all right i just pass over before :)

Sorry about that.

Subversion is the way to go.  Haven't used CVS for
a while.  The connector is unstable for now, so the
latest Subversion is usually your best choice.

We're working towords a demo release, probably this
weekend... hopefully.

You configuration looks correct, except you needed
to check the 'use transport provider' option.  That
enables the MAPI Transport Provider routines that
communicate with the CalDAV server.  That's why
ethereal didn't show any activity.

We don't have testing routines yet but plan on it.
The is a 'tests' sub-project in the workspace that
will hold our unit tests.  Our tests have been very
simple events.

Best regards,

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