Hello Group,

We've up new Alpha snapshot to the servers.
You can download it at...

The latest releases are always at...

Please note this is still an Alpha version
release.  Please do not install on a
Outlook installation that you use for
anything other than testing.

But this release should be stable enough
to demonstrate individual calendars.
Known issues relating to this snapshot
can be found at...

Notably, the connector has not been
optimized for speed.  Please let us know
of any issues you find that are not on
the list.  Note, this release is for
only testing _individual_ calendars and
not shared calendars.

There is still a bit of work to do.  We
need to complete calendar sharing.  And
also fix the list of other open issues.

We have tested against Oracle CalDAV,
OSAF Cosmo, and soon Bedework Calendar

Sharing code will be targeted next.

Please consider making a donation to
help continue development at...

Best regards,

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