There has been a lot of cool things
happening lately.

We finally got Bedework Calendar Server
[ http://bedework.org/ ] support working
with modifications to both the Bedework
and OpenConnector project source.
Those changes are in source control still
for both projects but will be available
in the next releases.

We now support two open source servers,
Cosmo [ http://cosmo.osafoundation.org ]
and Bedework, and one commercial server,
Oracle CalDAV server.  There should be a
lot more server choices in the future.

The installer has been redone, and should
behave better.  If you have installation
issues, please let me know.  Feedback is
very important to finding and resolving

Internally there has been a lot of fixes
but a lot more needs to be done.  If you
are thinking about helping out please
take a look at the bug tracker...
...and let me know what you find

There is lots of work to be done...

(i)  Completing the iCalendar feature
     support for various event types.

(ii) Speed up the entire plugin.  First
     by speeding up the IMAPITable class.

(iii)Completing the project unit tests.

(iv) Thorough testing of the sync process.

(v)  Completion of the Addressbook
     provider for calendar sharing
     capability.  Currently only
     individual calendars are supported.

A new milestone will be released when we
have done some more bug fixes and speed
improvements.  Hopefully by the end of
this month.

As usual, please consider helping with
development if you have a background in
MAPI programming or consider making a
donation to the project...

Best regards,

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