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> Hello Tom,
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>>> The 'Debug_Installed' target is needed
>>> to build.  Also, prebuilt dependency
>>> DLLs can be downloaded from...
>> Okay, I'm so out of Visual Studio development it's kinda sad.  When
>> you talk about the Debug_Installed target is needed to build what
>> exactly do you mean?
> This is the "Configuration Target".  It can be found
> on the standard build toolbar.  The default options
> are "Debug" and "Release" usually.  We have a
> third target, "Debug_Installed".  Select that in the
> build toolbar and you should be good to go.
> This target is basically the same as the "Debug"
> except it places the built DLL in the
> C:\Windows\System32 directory.  Useful for
> speeding up build/test cycles.

Perfect...this is exactly what I needed to know.

>> test it with Leopard Calendar server and I am having a heck of a
>> time.  Can anyone post some detailed instructions on how to build the
>> code.  I would really like to start testing.  Thanks.
> I'll try to get a milestone build out this weekend.
> To build from SVN...
> 1. Get the code... http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=66565
> 2. Get the dependency binaries...   dev-build-binaries-20070715-01.zip
> on http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=66565
> 3. Unzip the binaries in the "otlkcon" folder of the source.
> 4. Open the "otlkcon.sln" file and click the build button.
> This should work, let me know if it doesn't.
> Best regards,
> Kervin

Again, Kervin, great instructions.  I was finally able to get the  
project built successfully.  The only issue that I had was that the  
tests project couldn't find smlog.lib.  I noticed the smlog directory  
within the otlkcon folder and added that as a project within the  
solution.  I then made it a dependency of the tests project and  
everything built.  Does that make sense and should it be changed  


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