Hi there, new user of Open Connector here. I've been looking through
the mailing list archives and haven't found anything to answer my
question(s). I have a shop with 25+ macs and about 3 PCs. These PCs
need to connect to the iCal Server, yet I've (as of right now) been
unable to get the Open Connector to function properly.
Sunbird/Lightning is just not there yet (all sorts of weird problems
there), and I wanted to give OC a shot.

I guess the questions are:

1) Has anyone gotten an CALDav account in OC to work with iCal Server?

2) What in the world are the "Home URI" and "Principal URI" urls?
Should they be different? The same?

Here's what I've been using for both fields:


This is the 'Sunbird-esque' URL. Note I do NOT have SSL setup. This is
a new install of Leopard Server and a new implementation of Open
Directory, totally clean. I can access (and prompted to download
calendar.ics) from IE using that URL.

When I click on the Default Calendar drop-down, nothing appears. When
I click on the Browse button, in the new window I click on Tools -
Connect and get the following error:

Connection failed
Connection to the remote server failed. Please double check the Home
URI you entered.
Connection failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Does this have to do with the authentication method? I've got the
account set to "Any Method" in the iCal Server settings. I've disabled
the Windows Authentication in IE Advanced Settings.

If anyone has any ideas, please chime in. I've also had a lot of
trouble viewing the "Demo Videos" on the website. They simply won't
load. When I tried to put in the .swf filename myself (using View
Source on the webpage), it appeared 1/2 downloaded. Text instructions,
I believe, would be nice :)



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