Hello Group,

It's been a while we sent a project status
out to the list...

Work continues on final 2 Open Connector
Outlook providers.  The Address-book
and Freebusy providers.  Those are the
new components in Milestone 3.

The Address-book provider is roughly 75%
done and is the bigger of the 2 providers.
The original plan was to use the WebDAV
principal hierarchy as a bare-bones data
store for the address-book.  And only
after that was done would we move to LDAP
as a back-end.  We worked on this a while
but it seems that the WebDAV principal
hierachy address-book will not work due 
to inconsistency in server implementations.

So the CalDAV principal hierarchy address-
book provider has been scrapped; at least
until the servers start treating WebDAV
principals in a more consistant and
configurable manner.  We are now working
on the LDAP address-book as the default
address-book implementation.

The Freebusy provider is still about 20%
completed.  That should be completed in
about a week.

We estimate that Milestone 3 should be
done by May 7th.  The delay is due
entirely to cancelling the work done on
the WebDAV principal back-end.

The next step is to complete the LDAP
address-book provider in the next few days
and continue immediately on the freebusy

Best regards,

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