Ok.. I listed this photo under the category of photos direct from artist a month or so ago... Dan pointed out that there were naked ladies showing up under the listing... I ws not pleased. they were really straight on NSFW shots , not even of very good quality. that happened because of the way ebay's association thingy works... "People who looked at this listing also were interested in... " blah blah

changing categories from "photo direct from artist" to "contemporary photos" didn't do much better. I never knew this was happening Until Dan mentioned it because this doesn't happen when I look at my listing when I'm logged in. So I logged off to look.

Whatever you see and whatever I see may be different regardless as the shots that come up are random to a certain extent. I'm hoping that this time around listing the photo under ART PRINTS will do the trick.

So group .. let me know what kind of stuff comes up as the ads underneath if you would..

here s the link


Thanks much

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