Using FreeBSD here.

In addition to my normal IPv4 connection, I have an IPv6 tunnel set up via Hurricane Electric. Also use unbound as my local DNS cache resolver for resolving both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses and it has been doing both for over a year now.

spamdyke doesn't seem to like the IPv6 resolver. /var/log/maillog showing LOTS of lines like this (log-level=info):

May 4 13:08:56 Xeon_Right spamdyke[18382]: ERROR(load_resolver_file()@search_fs.c:753): invalid/unparsable nameserver found: fd00::1

My /etc/resolv.conf file contains these two lines:

nameserver fd00::1

I didn't think that spamdyke is IPv6 aware? Shouldn't it ignore the second nameserver line above?

In hopes of getting some more info about this, I've set log-level=excessive.


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