On 10 Mar 2017, at 2:05pm, Anthrathodiyil, Sabeel (S.) <santh...@visteon.com> 

> Stack trace is as below
> ------------------------------
> pcache1RemoveFromHash
> pcache1EnforceMaxPage
> pcache1Shrink
> sqlite3PcacheShrink
> The sequence of SQLite operations being followed which lead to crash is in 
> the following order
> prepare_sql
> step_sql
> sqlite3_db_release_memory
> sqlite3_finalize
> Any probable reasons in term of the SQLite operations that are done wrong or 
> out of order?

Please check to see that the parameter you’re passing to 
sqlite3_db_release_memory() is the connection, not the statement.

If that’s not the problem, then for debugging purposes can you try reversing 
the order of the last two steps ?  Finalize the statement before you release 
memory for the connection.

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