Hi dear TeXpower users,

I'm trying to use \pageDuration in order to animate some part of a PDF file. 

What I do is to put \pageDuration{0} on pages which have to change quicly
then put a \pageDuration{} to stop the evolution. 

Unfortunaltely, the page doesn't change when viewing the file in acrobat
reader 4.05b. 
What I do, then is to go in preferences\fullscreen and check "Advance Every

This way, the page durations are respected except that the \pageDuration{}
doesn't work. The page number is increased after the smallest delay between
\pageDuration and "Advance every".

Bad news is that "Advance every" can't be increased over 60 seconds. This
means that I can't stay more than one minute on the same screen.

So, my questions are :
- is this a feature/bug of Reader which can't be avoided ?
- is there a more powerfull command than \pageDuration that could force a
break in the file ?

More generally, is there a way to animate some part of a picture without
using /Dur ? I mean something like animated gifs or png equivalent or
embedded java code ?

Thanks for any answer,

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