On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 17:19:09 +0100, Dietrich Fraenken wrote:
> is it true that the option colormath changes vertical spacing
> of documents? 
> [...]
> Is this a bug or just one of my outdated packages?

I'd call it a misfeature ;-)

The problem is that to achieve the color change, the math
environments have to be overloaded to execute a \color
command. The \color command has the effect that two
specials are produced which effect the color change 
(in a driver-specific way), one at the beginning and one 
(using \aftergroup) at the end of the colored area.

This can affect vertical spacing if the specials are executed
in vertical mode (there is a remark in grfguide on this 

The current implementation of the colormath option puts 
the \color command _outside_ of the respective math
environments (which is slightly more robust than
putting them inside), with the unfortunate side effect
that the color specials are almost guaranteed to 
be placed in vertical mode, disturbing vertical
spacing as you observed.

I've just made a micro-update (just modifying the 
texpower.sty on the web server and the zips) with
a version of the colormath option where the \color
command is placed _inside_ of the displaymath
(which is the same as \[ \]) and equation environment,
which leads to visibly better vertical spacing.

Please try re-downloading

Unfortunately, there is no simple and robust way of
doing the same for eqnarray, so I'd like to look 
into this a little deeper before breaking

For aligned equations, I advise to use align and
friends from amsmath, which are handeled 


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