I've just started using texpower.  It worked nicely for my first lecture. 
Thanks!  But for tomorrow's lecture, I'd like a bit more.  I would like to
present an enumerated list in which the items appear one at a time _and_
are hilighted on first appearance.  The following code seems to me that it
ought to do just that:

\step{\item This is item 1.}
\step{\item This is item 2.}
\step{\item This is item 3.}

However, when I run this file through either latex or pdflatex, I get
error messages. If I ignore the messages the resulting file doesn't do
quite what it is supposed to.  On the first "page" we get "This is item 1"
but _without_ an enumerator.  Then on "page" 2, it fixes itself and
everything works fine.

By the way, if I omit the optional argument to liststepwise*, the file
displays correctly (without the highlighting, of course).  Can anybody
elxplain to me what I am doing wrong?

cliff b.

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