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GJ> Hi!  I have a small, but quite annoying problem with texpower. I'm
GJ> using texpower in combination with foiltex and pstricks. When
GJ> stepping through a graphic, made with pstricks (using
GJ> \liststepwise{} and \step{}) the graphic hops with each step about
GJ> 1 mm to the right. Of course this is not desired. ;-(

GJ> What do I have to do to?

I had this problem with a picture environment generated by xfig.

There are possibly two problems here. 

The first is whitespace on the end of lines which gave me this
problem. In fact anywhere inside a non-text part of of a stepwise you
have to be careful.

The second one I had was \colour around \put commands rather than the
opposite nesting, which also caused some movement problems.

I don't know what is in your graphic, but look for something like



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