I am using seminar together with texpower. When I display a slide with
an itemize environment stepwise it happens that text that was already
set jumps up.

The reason probably is that my heading makro and itemize have flexible

\def\slideitemsep{.8ex minus .2ex}

  \vspace{1ex minus 1ex}}

When the slide gets full things are set in a different way.

Another problem is the use of vfill. Depending on what is on the slide
vfill produces different things.

\heading{\hypertarget{why-syntax-t}{Why Syntax?}}

\item Signs: form meaning pairs \citep{Saussure15}
\item Language $\stackrel{?}{=}$ list of strings
\item language is finite if we assume an upper bound for sentence length
      infinitely many sentences, brain capacity is finite $\to$
      we need structure/patterns
\item words, phrases, sentences
\item meaning of an utterance from meaning of its parts
\item syntax: the way the combination takes place, structure


I tried to put the \vfill into steps, but this didn't help.

Is there an easy solution to these problems?

Thanks and greetings


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