> > I've been trying to use TeXPower for an incremental epic picture.
> > Pause doesn't work, as expected.  Yet with \step, I get a really
> > strange result: The horizontal spacing of the picture is slightly
> > messed up, at the points where I've placed the \step in the code I get
> > about one and a half coordinates of coordinate displacement (to put it
> > simply: the picture moves a bit more to the right there than it does
> > without \step).  This effect even sums up, but not really
> > proportional...
> THis sounds like an extra space character is slipping into
> your coding. Can you post your LaTeX source so that
> this theory can be tested ?
Thanks Juergen and Ross!  There were indeed some `spaces' -- I still
don't see why there was no problem before, I thought there had been
paragraphs and `\pause's at some places.  But I'll try to sort that
out myself and not bother you :-)

> Hope this helps,
Indeed. Thanks very much again,

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